A partner for Southeast Europe

In a wide and global European business environment, we provide you with the right tools and adapted solutions in order to improve your profitability, flexibility and quality.

We support the development of more globally-competitive companies by offering an integrated business support model where companies with ambitions to grow can access the right type of support at the right stage of their growth.

By outsourcing your activity or by relocating a business function with us you can benefit from lower international labor rates and lower taxation system, that can improve your profitability by up to 100%!

South-East Partners offer company formation and accounting services solutions for our clients, but we do not stop there. We are specialized in providing a complete company package, where our client can be confident that all his business set-up needs will be taken care of in one place.

  • We offer to our clients fixed company package throughout SE Europe, from non-EU countries with attractive taxation system to EU member states with strong and dynamic markets.
  • You can rely on us that we can take of all of your needs in one place. We provide our clients with a complete corporate package, including company registration, legal address and nominee director services, as well as bank account introductions, VAT number registration, accounting and tax consultations.
  • Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop an expertise and focus on developing company packages in jurisdictions which have advantageous tax planning opportunities. Over the years, we have tested these jurisdictions to ensure that set-up and maintenance requirements are right for clients' needs.